Sigma Energy & Marine

Designing to withstand the forces of nature

We may be the latest addition to the Sigma Group but our team of experts have been delivering quality for a long time. Our heritage is built on water and on the natural power of the seas. This requires a deep understanding of this element and what it takes to be a humble part of it. By trusting us to be your technology provider you get a rugged, confident and seaworthy partner. Together we design to withstand the forces of nature. Welcome to Sigma Energy & Marine.

We believe in the combination of expertise and a welcoming environment

Gothenburg has a long legacy in the marine and offshore industry. Our company was built on this legacy and we have the ambition to become the preferred energy & marine partner in Sweden.

Our customers are mostly international companies operating globally. We are often faced with numerous challenges where our customers depend on us to take lead in solving their needs. Our best asset to solve these challenges is our ability to combine technical expertise with an open and welcoming environment.

Together with our clients we create miracles and engineering solutions every day, to projects all over the globe.

Sigma Energy & Marine was acquired by Sigma Industry West in 2016, then known as Aker Solutions. The acquisition is part of the strategy to expand the business to include energy and marine constructions.

Our core areas

Our focus is to give our clients the safest, strongest and most suitable solution that sustains the wear of time and the forces of nature. Water is our element and these are the areas we navigate the best.

Our services

Our aim is to make your projects and products one step better than expected. By using the specific skills and services that matches the project we are able to be right on target.

Envolve your force of nature

Open Position : Sweden, Gothenburg
Delprojektledare Göteborg

Är du en lagspelare som är nyfiken, vågar ta för dig och får att få saker att hända? Söker du ett stimulerande och utvecklande arbete med…

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Senior Design Engineer, Rotating Equipment

Sigma Energy & Marine delivers expert knowledge within subsea, renewable energy production, processing industry and marine applications. We are…

Open Position : Sweden, Gothenburg
Mechanical Design Engineer

We are looking for you who are truly passionate about technology and driven by finding applicable solutions. You have a relevant Engineering…

Open Position : Sweden, Gothenburg
Beräkningsingenjör inom Elkraft

Som elkraftsingenjör på Sigma kommer du att jobba inom alla projektfaser, från koncept till färdig produkt med dimensionering, analys och…

Open Position : Sweden, Gothenburg
Beräkningsingenjör SubSea O&G

Vår kompetens och erfarenhet inom analys mot SubSea Oil & Gas är lång och erkänd inom branschen. Vi söker nu fler beräkningsingenjörer med…