Automotive & Industry Simulations

Our long experience in our core areas has provided knowledge that will help other industries evolving their business. We have a strong engineering team which deliver first class system solutions in structural steel design as well as complex hydraulic tools and fixtures within a range of different areas; e.g. Automotive, Mechanical, Construction and Civil Engineering. Our projects often handle really big assemblies such as 1000 tonnes movable steel structures and hydraulic tools to make and break piping fittings on an offshore rig or building.

We have industry leading experience and experts in:

  • FEA and CFD analysis
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Hydraulic system design
  • Valves and sensor applications
  • Leading technical complex projects

FEA - Finite Element Analysis CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics


Daniel Rickert Team Lead - Local and automotiv analysis
Emelie Wallenstein Team Lead - CFD
Elin Stenmark Team Lead - CFD
Per Kron Dep Manager FEA