Our services

Our aim is to make your projects and products one step better than expected. By using the specific skills and services that matches the project we are able to be right on target.

Project Execution

We take responsibility for transferring your project from idea to final delivery. With long experience in leading small teams as well as complex multi-million dollar projects, we are comfortable to execute your project through all necessary phases.

We run projects according to relevant execution model, adapted to the size and complexity level of the current project. Focus is always on balancing quality, cost and time.

Our projects typically start with early concept studies to find the best solutions and turn them into relevant standards. When the studies are complete we work in close proximity with our clients, the final users and the installers to complete the design and follow up subcontractors as well as handle all documentation as required to assure correct start-up and operations.

Product Development

We take responsibility for transferring your product from idea to final delivery - tested, qualified and delivered as requested. With deep experience in conceptual phases, design reviews, detailed design, manufacturing support and testing, we are comfortable to take your product through all necessary phases. We have experience from a wide range of construction materials, including high spec. alloys suitable for extreme conditions and harsh environments. Combining our in-house competences enables us to start from a simple sketch to delivery the final product solution, compliant with relevant standards and requirements.

Computational Engineering

We are proud of our unique competence in numerical analysis. Our long experience within simulation and analysis throughout the years have helped us to gain exceptional knowledge within CFD, FEA and EM, as well as coupled analyses between these disciplines. Our engineers are experts not only at analysis and simulation but also within various applications, primarily within the energy and marine sector (e.g. offshore, subsea, processing equipment, green energy).We have a strong focus on fundamental physics and typically help our customers to define and apply simulation tools for their specific products and applications.


We have extensive experience with setting up physical tests and experiments for verification of various products and applications, while also ensuring that tests are suited for verification of numerical simulation strategies when needed. Our 1000+ core cluster with state-of-the-art hardware makes it possible to simulate complex physics and also allows for vast speed-up of transient analyses by simple brute-forcing. The cluster is primarily utilized for in-house projects but it is also hired out upon request externally.

FEA = Finite Element Analysis CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics EM = Electro Magnetism

Quality Health Safety Environment

It’s all about quality. Right level of quality in each specific situation, project and product.

By applying our QHSE expertise and making use of our Six Sigma Black Belt we support our clients to assure the quality in their projects and processes. By establishing procedures, conduct training or by participating in gate reviews or other critical check points, we help our clients to share the knowledge when and where it’s relevant and needed, globally or locally.

To ensure the highest level of quality in our projects, we establish HSE Plans, Quality Management Plans, Lessons Learned and Audit Programs as well as specific Inspection and Test Plans for products.

Active involvement combined with routines for information sharing and incident handling often makes our team crucial for a safe and successful project execution.

QHSE = Quality Health Safety Environment HSE = Health Safety Environment

Technical Documentation

Providing complex engineering work and solutions is not just about solving the technical challenge itself. An essential part is also to present, explain, distribute and implement the information to all involved stakeholders such as coworkers, clients, operators and authorities.

Our expertise lies in creating essential documentation for complex products and processes. Typically, we provide our customers with everything from Design Basis documents and Calculation Reports to Drawings, Operating Manuals and Test Procedures.