Our subsea engineering team may very well be one of the world’s strongest. They deliver everything from individual tools to complete subsea systems and they also support offshore installations as required to assure smooth operations and start-up.

We have industry leading experience and experts in:

  • Subsea tie-in systems (horizontal and vertical)
  • Well access products (LRP) and interfaces (EDP)
  • VXT and HXT design
  • FEA and CFD analyses
  • Offshore standards and specification transitions in subsea systems

FEED = Front End Engineering Design EDP = Emergency Disconnect Package LRP = Lower Riser Package FEA = Finite Element Analysis CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics VXT = Vertical X-mas Tree HXT = Horizontal X-mas Tree


Martin Stegberg Manager Lead Engineering
Daniel Hermansson Manager Norway office
Liza Edman Team Lead - Lead Engineer & Business development
Per Bodforss Manager analysis